It has been a relentless nights and I can not get out of the trauma of breaking my DSLR. The cost of breaking it is too much and to get it repaired is not a good idea because I can get a new one by adding just little more funds. I was going through this mental stress and decided to cut down my expectations and get something which are more handy like a camcorder.

I always thought that the camcorders have gone out of fashion. I was proved wrong once I checked on amazon and realised that there are tons of camcorders still manufactured each year and companies like Panasonic and Sony are still competing each other in producing the best camcorders for the humanity. I was into something more fashionable afterall  I have been DSLR guy. So I searched on the web and came across tell me best reviews about camcorders.

They promoted gopro unlike other websites an convinced me pretty much to get into this deal. I bought the gopro beacause It weighed too less around 150 grams and offered 4K resolution of the videos. I have a 4K TV so I can easily afford to record video at this ultra high resolution. What I did not like about the go pro was the small screen it offered but I guess it had to do with the mobility that is why they did not give too much importance to the screen size. Small screen is trademark design of all the go pro models. Maybe in the future they will redesign the camera and make it more related to a conventional camcorder.

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