No Minimum Custom T-Shirts and Apparel

“I just need maybe a couple custom shirts… is that something you can assist me with?

While we represent considerable authority in substantial amount requests of Soft, Custom Screen Printed T-Shirts, despite everything we get many individuals inquiring as to whether we can print on just a single or two pieces. While we need to help every single individual that calls/gets in touch with us, we understand that our screen printing technique isn’t exceptionally practical for amounts beneath 25 pieces.

The best printing technique for maybe a couple pieces is Direct-to-Garment Printing (Digital Screen Printing), which is essentially a photograph replicated kind of printing that is extraordinary for short-run amounts. While the print is still high caliber, contingent upon the texture and ink shading, the logo may not be as dynamic as with standard screen printed clothing… furthermore, this isn’t something we offer, yet…

Saying that, regardless we need to have the capacity to enable you to get what you need… so while we don’t have a favored printer to send you to, here are 4 brisk things to consider as you search for the correct printer to help you with maybe a couple specially printed shirts:

4 Steps to Ordering One or Two T-Shirts

1-Save your picture in the correct organization: (as either an AI, PSD, JPG, PNG or EPS) Save it to the size that you will need it printed. On the off chance that you are making the picture starting with no outside help, rick and morty t shirt start by influencing the canvas to measure in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop to the size that you will need the whole picture printed.

2-Google to discover a Printer: Search for “custom advanced printing” or “custom computerized imprinting in _______ (your city and state),” “custom shirt advanced printing” or “custom shirt advanced imprinting in _______ (your city and state),”

3-Do the correct research and figure out which organization is appropriate for you… one that can offer you both the best value, quality and client mind… alongside affirming that you can get your custom, carefully printed shirt on-time (since this sort of request normally requires a quicker turnaround time)

4-Order maybe a couple carefully screen printed shirts, and please remember us for future requests on the off chance that you require in excess of 25 shirts so we can screen print your shirts for a higher quality, longer enduring print.

In spite of the fact that we won’t not have the capacity to print for you on this maybe a couple piece arrange, please let us know whether we can help you on bigger requests later on!

Converse with you soon!

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