The new against developing expert: to live more than 100 years, don’t eat meat and brisk

The new against developing expert: to live more than 100 years, don’t eat meat and brisk

The researcher Valter Longo has watched what centenarians wherever all through the world have in like way and flips around the feelings developed in sustenance.

Valter Longo is 49 years old and he is exceptionally sure that he is far from the equator of his life . As he says in the title of his first book – The eating regimen of life expectancy. Eat well to live strong up to 110 years (Grijalbo, 2017) – that is the accept that will come, in any occasion, to take after “altogether” the dietary principlesdetailed in his work. Notwithstanding the way that these are more entrapped to pack, there are two measures that have all the earmarks of being consecrated: in case you have to get (to a great degree) old with prosperity, you have to avoid meat and brisk no not as much as twice every year.

Longo gets EL ESPAÑOL in the midst of the progression of his book, a work whose arrangements , he says, won’t get a lone euro . “If you benefit, finally you question why you are doing it, if it is in light of the fact that it is the best thing or in light of the way that you are getting rich.” I experienced it as a conflict and I slaughtered it and I think it has been a not too bad decision, notwithstanding the way that I have lost a substantial number of dollars now, “he reflects. DFW Marketing

Since Longo could cooperate. His technique has two varieties: the first is the claimed eating regimen of life expectancy , a dietary guide for regular day to day existence; the second is the one that calls refuse nourishment that mirrors fasting (DIA): a five-day expend less calories that involves ingesting 1,100 calories on the key day and 800 the remaining four on an eating schedule that restrictive fuses vegetables, nuts, normal item with peel and tea .

Careful that it is hard to take after, the analyst built up the association L-Nutra, which made Prolon , a movement of things that has the right definition required to make this kind of snappy and that has a construed cost of 190 euros. “In the most cynical situation, it’s a total you spend once every month and you have to subtract the money you would spend eating commonplace in the midst of those days, I trust it’s a sensible cost,” he reflects.

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